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By Rachel Reid 28 Feb, 2017
Have you ever seen a wedding cake with a Harry Potter  and  Star Wars theme? I certainly hadn't until I made this! It was one of the most unusual designs I've ever been asked for, and that's probably why it was so much fun to make. I really love when my clients have a clear idea in mind of what they would like incorporated in their cake.

I met the bride-and-groom-to-be about a month before their big day to discuss their dream wedding cake and after an hour long consultation it was clear that they really wanted a cake that represented  them as a couple.  They loved the idea of using silhouettes on the cake and I think we managed to find a really nice way of displaying them. They had a list of symbols that held meaning to them, some fun - like Harry Potter's wand and the Rebel Alliance symbol from Star Wars - and others that meant something important to them, like the symbol of the cats and the silhouettes of the couples. They also wanted me to incorporate a tree design that would flow upwards on the cake, more beautiful symbolism there as well!
By Rachel Reid 23 Feb, 2017
Sometimes I get a request for a cake that makes me wonder ' how the hell am I going to make that!? '    This giant Golden Snitch from Harry Potter was one of those orders.

When I got the request, there were 3 things that made me hesitate before I could reply.  How do I make the wings? How do I make a perfectly round ball out of cake?  H ow do I make it super gold!?  After I made a cup of tea and sat down for a think,I realised that these things, although tricky, definitely could be done. After all, my customer had sent me an image of the cake she wanted me to use as inspiration, so someone had attempted similar already! So I took on the challenge. 
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A bit about us...

Rachie Cakes is an established cake decorating business with 3 years experience. We work from home in the East Kilbride area and pride ourselves on providing fantastic custom celebration cakes made from quality ingredients. 

At Rachie Cakes we make everything you need. From cupcake packages to bespoke wedding cakes we ensure every order is crafted to suit your needs and with great attention to detail.
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Where are we...

Address: Baird Hill, The Murray, East Kilbride, G75 0EG
Mail: info@rachiecakesek.co.uk
Phone: 07891219590
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How we got started

Rachie Cakes is owned and run by Rachel, a self taught cake maker and decorator with 3 years experience. Rachel taught herself to bake and decorate cakes as a hobby, but soon got requests from family and friends for their celebration cakes. When requests started coming from people she did not know, she went through the process of getting her kitchen approved as a place of business and Rachie Cakes was born. 
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